You Really Should

I am fifteen

And my hair is nice and long

I still have the curls

And my love is not so strong

My eyes are very green

Not as green as the pines

But I remember when they were

When I could say you're mine


I am fifteen

And I am standing five foot seven

Just a little shorter than you

But that does not stop me from what I want to do

My teeth are all nice and straight

I was president in eighth grade

But I see, you are a little late


I am fifteen

And I am good at cooking

I could show you some recipes

But I wouldn't bother looking

I like to dance around my floor

I could show you some moves

But you aren't behind any doors


I am fifteen

And I will be driving

You can teach me the roads

I will get my license

But you left me alone

My grades are really good

I can show you all my A's

But you are not here, but you really should


He is thirteen

His glasses are gone

He wear contacts

He has the dark eyes, he's your son


He is thirteen

He stand five foot ten

Taller than you

But he'll be bigger when you see him again


He is thirteen

And what an arm on that kid

He is learning on his own

Like you never did


He is thirteen

And he has straight A's

He throws that ball with no effort

It's a shame, you've never really seen him play


He is eleven

Not so tiny anymore

His hair is nice and short

And he's almost five foot four


He is eleven

And he loves to dance

He'll bust a move whenever he has the chance

He loves to dance like you

But you would never know

You aren't here to see this boy move

His rhythm is spotless, he has a better groove than you


He is eleven

He can kick like a pro

But it's sad that you don't even know

He is a chef in the kitchen

The boy loves the oven

It's sad, because he is lacking one ingredient

All of your loving


He is eleven

And he is so smart

He passes grades like he eats candy

But you put a beating on his heart


We are getting older

And as time passes by

My eyes get drier

I am a little stronger

And I am not as much of a crier

We are getting older

And all though we think you would

Show up for us, even once

We think you really should


-Chloe Aldecoa


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