To You, My Dearest, Gone

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 16:56 -- ecimase


Every time I think of you

My heart skipped a beat

Always, when you were near

Now, I truly cannot see

The happiness in life

Whenever you were around

For the day that you left

My heart shattered

Into a thousand pieces

Into a million pieces

Into a billion pieces

It was a terrible time

The way you looked at me

Always, with those wonderful

Understanding, hazel eyes

I felt that you could understand

The pain that I often knew

Soon, before I knew it

I had taken you for granted

And the many fates above

Took the charge to take you

From this world, from me

From the warmth in my arms

Never will I forget about

All the times that we shared

And the times we screwed up

Many of the greatest times

It was a very good run

Just the you and the me

Against the whole world

Now, I am alone

Without the most important

Person in my life

But you are here in spirit

Guiding me, supporting me

As I tried, and failed to support you

All the wonderful times we shared

Shall never escape my memory

This is for you, my sweet

To you, my dearest, gone


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