The You In Me

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 10:24 -- pr5inc

Black fades into white.

Day fades into night.

You faded into me. As I’m fading into you.

Our seems are sewing together, roots growing,

We touch.

Your seeds once deep rooted in the soil have now spread.

The paths of trees, seedlings, lilacs and weeds.

Oh, the plants you have faced.

Each one extends out a thread.

Once a blank canvas has no been traced with colors of blues once unknown, red once unseen, yellows once dull,

You have spread to me and changed my ways.

I release the sun to you as it extends to me.

You may be deeper, but I am stronger.

Feed on my roots. It is free for you.

Thank you for the rain. Thank you for shine. Thank you for the lines you around my own.

I am a hybrid of your roots.

I am a resurrection, I am a rendition, but most importantly I am

What I made me.




This is just a short poem about the way I have changed over my life. It is a piece written for the Glow Up, Grow Up Scholarship. The message behind it is that I accomodated traits of others that I looked up to and enveloped them into my own sense of being. It explains my change through metaphors of others coming in and giving purpose to my life. Understanding the state and beliefs of others is what has changed me most. I am someone who takes alot of pride into listening to others so I am able to get a glimpse of their views and spread the advice on. I think the hardest part of human nature, or atleast what I've noticed in others, is the inability to understand. Understanding is the premise of my views. If I couldn't understand others, I would be loyal to my instincts, but that isn't always right. The most important concept to me is expression. I try to be aware and respect everybody's views and feelings. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem and comment. I hope you can relate or find some sense release through my poetry. 

Have a great day (:

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