You Leave Me Senseless

You make me feel like a bad person,
For feeling good when I'm with you.
I know I shouldn't.
But your eyes tell me I should and
I can't seem to look away.
You've got me trapped in your web
Ensnared by your lies.
All your late night phone calls
Leave me awake as I lie,
Thinking of you.
Even though I know the truth.
You call your girlfriend
Tell her you love her.
But you whisper that
To me too.
But I don't know if I can do this anymore 
If I can lie to myself and everyone else
Waiting for something
Something like love
But I can't feel it with you
In the moment I feel a rush
So I tell myself I do
But after is only shame
Hard and heavy weighing down my frame.
I can't help it
You've lit inside me a flame
A little secret to carry with me
I'll bury it deep
For myself to keep
But I know I shouldn't 
I know better than that 
You tell me not to worry
But the lines between what is right and wrong are
Getting so blurry
I don't love you
I know that much is true
Why can't I stop
Though I know it's wrong.
I need passion and desire.
I'm a creature 
Craving attention.
I don't need you,
I need the feeling I get with you.
The feeling of being wanted.
Love is a higher order of thinking
But lust is animalistic-
Ripping and tearing
At my heart
At my senses
You leave me senseless.
Wondering how and when and why
Everything got so messed up
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Very well writen!

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