You Know, Someday


you know, someday
you'll have to face them
i mean your parents
and their ignorance
you can't run forever
you can't wash it away

you know, someday
you'll have to face her
i mean your friend, my friend
who you hurt
and hurts you back

you know, someday
you'll have to face yourself
i mean your heart
your mind
your anger
your fear
your pain

someday is nearing
and no matter how liquid you feel
your emotions won't flow away

you know, someday
i hope you'll hear my voice
accept my embrace
see my worry
understand my love

but you know, you don't need
that watery illusion
that crappy taste to cover
your own harsh bitterness
you just need to to
take a deep breath

what do you need
to take that leap?
what can i
give to you?

you have honor
you have loyalty
you have intelligence
you have support
all you need now is courage

so here's mine

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