You killed my confidence and left me crawling

You killed my confidence and left me crawling—

Not that I was old enough to know before

That it’s okay to love myself and someone else

At the same time with nothing to be sorry for.


You taught me how to give and love like you did.

For me, my selfishness was my biggest sin.

I couldn’t live with all the blame

But sorry seemed to be the hardest word to say.


You ripped out my heart and took it to heaven,

When you look into her eyes I hope you see my reflection.

I tried to be brave when I was staring at your face

But I just couldn’t find the strength.


I don’t think the distance matters anymore.

You said that there’s no chance for us, well,

I beg you still confide in me, if strong is all you want to be,

Please be strong to everyone but me.


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