Is That You I See?


I wake up and realize I am in a twilight forest

I begin walking and the twilight of the forest seeps into my vision

Is that you I see, way in the distance?

My body starts shuddering at a glimpse of your face

I run away and I feel frightened

He looks befuddled at my reaction

I stop, turn, and notice him again

I see in his face that my reaction saddened him


He came closer and I became frightened

He turned into someone I used to know

I froze at the sight of his face

I know him and he knows me


I become scared and he sees that in my eyes

I want to run but something is holding me back

Our eyes meet and he grabs my arm

Pulls me to him and gives me a hug


I feel the warmth of his body,

I have conflicted feelings,

Do I want him near me or do I want to run in fear?

I feel terrified, and I want him to stop

His body will not let me leave

The wildlife begins to become more apparent.


He hears howling in the distance

He loosens his grip on me, focusing on the howling

This gives me a chance to run

Once he let go, he began to chase me

I become even more scared


The forest begins to enclose around me

I trip over an overgrown root from a tree

It was as if the tree was trying to stop me

I black out and wake up in another place I have never seen before


I am near a body of water

I can hear its waves thrashing on the shore

I find myself laying on a rock overlooking the ocean

The moon is shining over the ocean water, glistening so beautifully

The man is sitting on the edge of a cliff, as if he is waiting for me

I feel terrified and want to run but that feeling was not so apparent anymore


I feel sympathy for the man because of my actions

I walk over and sit next to him on the rock

He motions for me to put my head on his shoulder

I do just that and he holds me close to him

I feel safe in his arms, and go into a deep sleep


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