You, Him and That Other Man.

You, Him and That Other Man.


It’s been too long, just too long.

Glad you finally figured out you were done.


You say I’m crazy, selfish and evil,

That’s not the half of it…

I’m not ashamed of any of this.


This emotionless heart almost felt bad,

For toying with you, him and that other man.


But, in the end you realized,

I’m not worth your tears,

But worth your sneer.


I get it, you hate me.

No longer are you stifled under my trance.

Falling for me again - no chance.


You’ve moved on to someone much sweeter,

She’s not so bad,

And I know you’ll never leave her.


But, really, I’m okay.

I’ll move on to my next play-thing, begin my next plan.

Cause to me, you were just flings,

You, him and that other man.








*****Wrote this many years ago



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