You heard my cry

You heard the cry
Because all I wanted to do was die,
And the chance to say goodbye,
But I just can’t live a lie.

I made my choice today,
But you told me that you need me to stay,
And that you would pray,
But I want everything to go away.

My hopes have turned up hopeless,
And I’m sick of the loneliness,
I can’t live a life of emptiness
My life is nothing but a dark abyss.

Set me free
Of the chains that are holding me,
Is anyone even listening to my plea,
I just wanna be free.

Why should I wait for tomorrow,
When all I see is sorrow,
I’m sick of having to follow,
The people that are shallow.
My life isn’t worth living anymore,
When day in and day out I’m called a whore,
I slam door after door,
And I would give anything just to be able to soar.

To get away from a place,
And go after something that’s worth the chase,
Without having tears run down my face,
To disappear without a trace.

I’m not gonna be a fighter,
Even though you made me so much stronger,
And now I’m wiser,
But I still chose my danger.

I’m sorry for blaming you,
For everything I just couldn’t do,
You don’t know half the things I’ve gone through,
And if I leave you won’t have to.

You don’t need me here,
And I don’t want you to shed a single tear,
And there is no need to fear,

I’ll always be near.

Based on what I know,
I will never let who I am show,
Because of all the pain I’ve had to undergo,
I’m already dying slow.



This is a very intense poem, and I think that the repetitive rhyming you used added to the weary, almost spooky tone in the words. I also liked how each stanza told a little chapter of the big story you wrote about.

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