You Have To Understand Her Feelings

Your sweetheart says she’s leaving you
And you really don’t want her to go
You coax her to stay and she doesn’t listen
And you don’t know what else to say to her

Brother, this is what should you do:
Read my poem and get some tips
I know what women want to hear
Maybe this will make her stay with you

Don’t say you’re sorry if you don’t mean it
Don’t tell her she’s the prettiest woman
If you say the same thing to other girls
And don’t call her baby if it’s just pretence

If you’re having an affair with another girl,
Don’t tell your wife that she’s your only love
It’ll hurt her feelings and she’ll get angry
When she finds out that you’ve been lying

If you love her and want her to stay,
Then just tell her the whole truth
Confess that you had a fling with a coquette
Tell her you got caught in love’s snare
And assure her that it won’t happen again

Women want to hear these things
You have to convince her of your sincerity
Of course she’ll hesitate to forgive you
But if your darling still loves you,
I’m sure she’ll give you another chance

If she leaves you and you’ve got the blues,
Please don’t do anything foolish
Brother, don’t take your partner’s life
Don’t lose your sanity and commit suicide

No matter how much you’re hurting,
Think of the pain you’ve caused her
If you want a woman to stay with you,
You have to understand her feelings
And be extremely careful with her heart


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