You have sparked a war.


Early College Academy at Southridge
4515 Burkegate dr, Spring Texas.
United States
30° 3' 3.1464" N, 95° 22' 1.038" W

You, the one with the whip in his hands, push me whenever you have the chance. War!

The constant bombarded with your poisened arrow tip words. War!

I, the one who restrains himself, try to control my trigger finger every time, but enough is enough. War!

My bullet vest is wasted from every word fired at me, my base is filled with holes that your hatefull cannons made. War!

This time I won't retreat behind my barrickade, I won't let you get away like the slithery snake you are. War!

I am going to make sure you drag yourself on the dirt like the snake you are. War!

Now it is going to be you who has to equip himself with protection. War!

Now it is you who will be the one who retreats. War!

Now I am going to counter counter attack with my own weaponry. War!

My hatred is justice, and my rage and fury will be the hammers that break you to bits. War!

My fists are my guns, my teeth are my knives and daggers, my words my arsenal, my thoughts my ammo, and my body has evolved into a unstoppable force.

You have sparked a war.


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