You Have the Power

Some people are stuck in the past

They stubbornly say: Everything was awesome

Hoping to make the memories last.


Others look only to the future

Saying: Everything will be awesome.

The words “if only” trap them in pain and hurt.


But there is a different view of things-

The reason why the bluebird sings.

Right here, right now, life is awesome

Because you are you,

marching to the beat of your own drum


The past is there, and while it may hurt

Don’t let it leave you in the dirt

The future may seem frightening and bleak

but don’t let it make your knees weak.


You, right now, have the power

Power to change, love, serve,

To make your life what you deserve.

So head forward with courage and faith

Because everything is awesome,

Right here today.


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