you have hope


one day I looked at the world

i made a personal choice long ago

that i would vow to see the beauty in it

even though most of the time 

it was filled with corruption




and still is to this day

i look at the people living in this world

I mean, I truly look at them

my friends specifically

and I see everything they're made of

i have laser eyes that see right through their skull

and I imagine their future

their hopes and their dreams

layed out like a blueprint perfectly designed right in front of my face

i see their eyes shine bright with anticipation and longing

when you talk about their vast interests or when they discuss their thoughts 

but whenever i hear the toxic words or phrases that come out of their mouth

for example 

im not good enough

im ugly

i cant do it

im done

my heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach

just knowing that they dont see theirself

like how i seem them

makes me want to grab their arms

look them dead in the eyes

and say

this fight isnt going to be easy

your mind a warzone

some thoughts die

some thoughts live

but you have got to promise me to move on

keep aggressively attacking the enemy

called negative thoughts

or low self esteem 

because one day the war

right up here

will be over

the day where all the depression


whatever is stopping you from trying


puts down ther weapons

they succumb to the good vibes

the laughs

they give up 


everything stopping you from smiling

all the dreams inside your head can now finally be made a reality 

i want you to make it to the day where you can easily get out of bed

and say , "holy shit , i made it."

all the situations you thought were impossible

have been made possible

you grew up

you have a job

a family

that one person that finally gave you purpose 

you have made it to the point

where you aren't dreading waking up 

you feel overwhelmingly blessed that you can 

get up in the morning to a place called home 





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