You Give Love A Bad Name

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 00:36 -- Monai

A stab in the heart from the blade you called love

You said sweet things to my face then turn around and switched up

Whats real & whats fake? In this time I couldn't tell

You brought me to the gates of heaven and kicked me down to hell

My hear, you claimed that

My pain, you tamed that

Your actions, I felt that

Your words, I shame that

That blade so rusted with the stories that you told

Started down at my back so deep & so cold

It dug it's way in as it moved up my spine

It thrashed & it jabbed time after time

Until it reached around and made it to my heart

One final conversation killed it as quick as the start

That blow hit so quick with a fatal goodbye

Yet it still wasn't enough to drop a tear from my eye

It was never worth it knowing how this would go

Repair time is quick with a needle to sew

All stitched up, stronger than ever

I don't need you, not now, not then, not never


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