You fucked up - I fucked up

You fucked up

You know that you did

We'll ruin you for it

Shit, we already did

We want nothing to do with you

Nothing, we're through with you

Go fuck yourself

You’re such an asshole

Go be all alone

Until you grow old

We don't know what you're going through

But we don't care

We still want you out

We want you to be alone

Won't let you apologize

Sure, you're going through some shit at home

But what we don't realize

Is that you're trying to change

All for the better

But we're making it harder

And because of that

You'll never change

We'll never say outright that you should kill yourself

But you can be damn sure we'll imply it

Passive aggression

All your repression

All your depression

It makes us all sick

You're unpleasant

You're mean

You're like that all the time

But we don't know why

And it makes us hate you

Fuck you and goodnight.


I fucked up

I know that I did

I want to apologize

But I know you won’t let me

You don’t have to accept it

I just want to do it

Just want it off my chest

I know what you’ve heard

And I want myself gone for it

I just have a lot going on right now

My parents stopped trusting me

My friends are ignoring me

My depression is getting worse

My meds aren’t working

But yeah, I know

I know it’s no excuse

I shouldn’t have done what I did

I shouldn’t have said what I said

But I’ve been trying to change

Cuz people can do that

But it doesn’t matter to you

I guess this is goodbye

But just know one thing

I apologize.

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