You Feel Numb & Don't Know

You Feel Numb & Don't Know How To React, But You Also Wonder How Will I Get My Life Back Intact? You've Gone Through Hell In Silence, But Always Wiped Your Tears & Came Out Smiling. You've Been Tormented & Made Fun Of , & You Still Thought In The World There Was Still Love . People Say It's A Matter Of Not Caring , But It's Just Us Being Humans & Fearing . We Fear Of Being Hurt Once More , We Don't Want To Be Anymore Torn. So We Display This Fascade That Can Fool Some But Not All..., Once Someone Starts To Realize It You Befall. But There Is Always A Brighter Side To Every Situation , & You'll Be Just Fine With The Reliance On Time & Patience.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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