You Don't Win

Dear Predator,


You took my innocence-

Ripped it from my clenched fists

And tore it to tiny pieces

As I looked on in horror.


You left me confused and lost-

Hoping that was the end,

That you would leave

Because you had what you wanted.


But you came back-

Each time with more force

And fury as if I was the one

Who stole from you.


You controlled me for weeks

Which turned to months

And then years-

Until now.


Now I stand before you-


I forged armor against

These atrocities you caused.


So I am writing to tell you

That you do not win,

Nor will you ever do so.

Because while you are

Consumed by greed for flesh

That you have no right to-

I will be looking on from the sidelines

As you lose your humanity piece by piece

Until you are reduced to




No Longer Your Victim


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This is for the "Life in a Letter" Scholarship.

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