You Don't Know


I walk into class with a smile on my face. I take my work complete it and get an A. Although I seem like a normal student there will always be things you dont know.

You don't know I'm gay in a family of religious freaks

You don't know i've always been the black sheep of my family

You don't know I have to live with my Mom, Aunt Mindy, Sister, and two cousins in one apartment.

You don't know my aunts and cousins secretly talk about me behind my back

You don't know my father is in florida with his girlfriend and their baby 

You don't know my father has 8 other kids than the baby inculding me and he was never around for any of them

You don't know I get scared that my father will leave this baby like he did to the rest

You don't know I feel sad because I can't help my mother with the bills

You don't know every christmas my aunt michelle claims she forgot about me while buying presents

You don't know I'm scaredmy best friend sylvia is leaving to the army and I can never be sure she is coming back

You don't know I try so hard in school so that my mother wont be disappointed when I tell her I'm gay

You don't know I go to a high school where people don't accept gay males very much

You do know my sister Anaijah

You don't know my sister and I are very different

You don't know I'm the good child

You don't know I think my sister will have a harder time in school then me.

You don't know me and my sister fight almost everyday

You don't know that out of all 9 of my siblings I only know 4

You don't know college is my ticket to freedom to be who I want

You don't anything about me so just shut up and give me my work.


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