You Don't Deserve My Tears


These eyes of blue

They unleash the salt of tears

That you don't deserve

Because of what you've done to cause these

Signs of Strength

You see as weaknesses


The Yelling

It hurts me

To a point you never see

That you will never classify as

Hurting me

But the violence keeps hurting me to a point

That I can't handle


The sidesweeps

It left bruises

That haven't yet disappeared

And won't without time

That is never given

Without the presumption that

You will always do it and never stop

Until the retaliation begins

That leaves me in tears


You don't deserve my tears

You petty minuscule person

The one who hurts me

Without knowing

Even though you cause the scars on my arms

And the distortions of my mind

That end with me crying

With these tears you won't deserve


I write you a song

And you throw it at me

I show you a relaxing technique

You toss me away

Like an empty plate

And you probably know this

I'm tired of you

But you know you've tired me

You just won't stop

To let your emotions grow

And then recede

To a point of no remembrance

That leaves me speechless

And unable to find

The True You


You don't deserve my tears

With the pain you cause

And the pain I don't miss

I've left you away

To go back my way

With tears in my eyes

The last you'll see

In these eyes of mine

And you'll say you'll cry

Probably say you'll die

But this is a way

To let myself survive

And so since you won't love me

The way I am


You won't deserve my tears

For now...and Forever



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