You Don't Belong Here


You are a Saturday night stargazer,

in awe of the pieces of yourself left alone by gravity

Every twinkle amongst the clouds is owned by you.

In your way.


I am a Saturday night you-gazer,

In awe of the way you make stargazing feel like a sex act.

My heart is back in 5th grade,

passing mental notes to the boy-turned-man who owns the stars.


I'm trying hard to give you my love in teaspoons instead of bucketfulls

But at moments like this, 

with eyes that see,

and hearts that beat,

my bucket is overflowing for you.


God damn,

you make me happy.


"Look at that one. There." You say, with fingers extended towards heaven. 



The sky is only a mirror reflection of our souls 

and you are that one. There.



Shooting across the midnight sky. 

Granting wishes.

Bringing hope.


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