You Could Never be More Wrong

The walls creep in on me as the sound of silence overwhelms,

My eyes could see distinctly and my ears could hear undoubtedly,

But my mind was occupied with the adventures of other realms.

She tampered my desk with her ruler and growled under her breath,

My imagination was lost in my peers eyes as they gazed upon my worried face,

The embarrassment was overpowering and I had wished for nothing more than death.

She repeated her question and glared into my eyes,

Knowing I had not the faintest idea,

The event that came after enchanted her with a look of suprise.

Our slothful class snickered at her erroneous thoughts,

She assumed I was ill taught but she could have never been more wrong,

Because when I answered correctly her stomach grew knots.

I grow tired of being looked down on and everybody only seeing the outside of me,

People see me as the outcast and as the simple minded fool,

I don't want to be ridiculed, I just want to be free.

Everyone teases never looking close enough to see the beauty inside of someone,

When one door closes another door opens, I will choose the door most ridiculed,

Because through that door is my world of opportunity and I'll know that I've won.

I don't need to be accepted and I don't care if I'm judged,

Society is a mirror and thinks it can see clearly to everyone's future,

Though it will never truly know our potential, cause every mirror has its smudge.



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