You Can Never Break Our Perpetual Love

In order to break the scented flower; they crushed it indiscriminately
with their large and bohemian feet,

In order to break the fortified edifice; they blasted it with pugnacious dynamite; to send it crumbling like a pack of silken cards towards the obdurate ground,

In order to break the inflated balloon; they pricked it with a rusty
iron pin to evacuate tones of stale air incarcerated inside,

In order to break the soft mountain of pudgy mud; they punched it hard
in the midriff; with their callous hands,

In order to break through the computer; they invented ingenious ways
and means to decipher its enigmatic password,

In order to break the solid log of dried timber wood; they used a
serrated edged metallic saw; ruthlessly slicing through its body,

In order to break the slender candle of wax; they melted it in
crackling flames; leaping rampantly from the kitchen fire,

In order to break long shards of pellucid glass; they smashed them against jagged rocks; sending them flying into infinitesimal splinters all around,

In order to break a colossal pool of placid water; they viciously struck the same with corrugated twigs; engendering a plethora of waves to creep up on the surface,

In order to break stillness of air; they permeated it with strident tunes of discordant cacophony; emanating from the loudspeaker,

In order to break the conglomerate of satiny clouds; they marauded the same with poisonous pellets and sharp missiles,

In order to break the pointed thorn; they pulverized it to pulp; after boiling it in sizzling water,

In order to break triangular cubes of frozen ice; they kept them under stringent light of the sun; and then waited for the inevitable aftermath to follow,

In order to break through the fool proof house; they adroitly deactivated the
incredulous burglar alarm; stepped barefoot without making the slightest of
sound into the house,
In order to break the lethal snake; they snapped apart its venomous fangs; rendering it as innocuous as a domicile rabbit,

In order to break the skull; they banged it tenaciously with a crude bludgeon; dismantling it into incommensurate halves,

In order to break bonded paper stuck with adhesive glue; they weakened it substantially by applying loads of slippery saliva,

In order to break intense concentration; they flooded veins in the body with gallons of inebriating alcohol,

In order to break an individuals moral; they incessantly castigated him; made a baseless mockery of his caricature,

And in order to break our 'PERPETUAL LOVE'; they tried their best attempts
possible; however miserably floundered; as it was impossible to accomplish the same without taking our lives; and even if they did that; they would yet be unsuccessful; as we would definitely be reborn again; to love each other more intensely than we ever did before.


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