You Can Call Me Mr. Singleman


Man, the American dream sure did have us

Get that Britney Spears Bugatti motorcycle (look at that perfect product placement) which will take exactly the span of your single mothers life to buy with that minimum wage job she's got to buy the food and the clothes and the car insurance and the survival of the most fittest and the rent and sacrifice and the just-barely-not-on-the-streets stress of life

But I guess you better work, bitch.

Man, the American dream sure did have us by the throat

Ripping us around and out like the politicians who control our money and therefore control our lives and our happiness because without money we're penniless and without pennies we're depressed and when we're depressed we don't get out of bed because who the the fuck cares and so on and so forth

and now we're poor and homeless and people tell us to get a job but Bill Gates couldn't get a job if he didn't already have a job, which somebody supposedly stole from Steve jobs or vice-versa or so on and so forth

Man, the American dream really did get us

Nobody in my school ever said I might be homeless, hungry, scared and some kind of dying because nobody ever told me anxiety was a thing that eats you up and digests you until the sadness of it all gets you too and now you're all discombobulated, punch-drunk, shaken, thrown and stirred and that it comes when you look to the end of the day and have no where to stay, be, go or do and all they said was to breathe, breathe, breathe and so on and so forth

Man... The American dream really did get me

Nobody ever told me I could end up like the people that my mother said we shouldn't be sorry for because they put themselves in that situation. Which she heard from God and God heard from Felicia and Felicia heard from Jake.

Nobody ever told me things got real at some point.

And so on and so forth



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