You Came To Stay

The long seconds, the wasted hours,
the missed out days, the good and bad months,
year after year...
They do not really seem to matter now.

You came to me, one of those good unexpected spring days.
You came, and like few things in life,
You can to stay.

To stay for the warm, like a sincere smile that wraps your heart
with a cute pink ribbon when it is about to fall apart.
To stay for the cloudy, like a bad sleeping night that wakes you up
without an expression on your face,
and you seem to get the recipe to bake a sweet, Splenda smile.
To stay for the sunny, to refresh me with big leaves, and feed me with grapes of advice.

And especially,

You came for the rainy, when the big comfy heavy coat of knowing the fact that you are in my life,
really adds an extra beat to my heart.

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