You Called Me A Cowboy


United States
38° 7' 10.3152" N, 77° 24' 4.824" W

I was me
until I met you

Marinating in your daily bath of pessimism
my needs
and all the verve
that is my composition
decomposing to soot

I persevere
forever seeking the antidote
to heal the captive curmudgeon
within you
You drank from
that endless glass

My needs take cover
in a façade of well-being

into maidenly
unstained conduct

Forbidden to tease
you sour and curdle
simply by virtue
of my verbal tickle
Must save an ego
must save

Lost without access to my humor
The only pearl
that keeps me lucid
My shrewd wit
no longer rides shotgun

You retaliate with a raw cannon

You Called Me A Cowboy
Surely you jest!


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