You Are So Special To Me

You are so special to meYou have always been in my mindCan’t seem to get it outGot to say, you’re one of a kind You’re so stunningly beautifulYou make me want to drop deadSuch an amazing smile you haveI can’t get it out of my head You’re so special to meI don’t just see you on the outsideMy eyes went beyond thatFocusing on the inside In my eyes, you’re so pricelessIn my eyes, you’re irreplaceable So incomparableSeems that you’re unforgettable You’re so special to meOur talks are so memorable to meThey’re extremely specialThat I held on them dearly The memories I have of youRuns all over my brainCan’t keep up with its paceMakes me want to go insane You’re so special to meI could never seem to forget youLooking at our picturesOne of the things I’d do Looking at my phoneReading our first textOver and over againAnd then reading the next You’re so special to meThat I want to be with youTo be at the altar holding your handsSaying the words “I do” To be with you foreverAnd to never be apartWith these words I tell youI love you from the depths of my heart

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