You Are a Person

I love you

 I do

You are funny, and smart, kind, and caring.

When I'm with you I smile no matter what kind of day I had,

Because you make it better.

Because you are a Person.


I love you.

I'll give you the space you need,

But I am here when you need to talk, laugh, cry, touch.

I am here for you

To listen to what you say (to understand not just reply)

Because you are a Person.



I love you!

I'll be at that thing you want me to be at

Even if it is kinda boring.

When you want to ditch early,

I'll do that to.

Beacause you are a person.


I love you.

I'll challenge you.

I won't just go along all the time.

We won't always agree,

But I respect your voice.

Because you are a person.


I love you.

But that can mean anything.

The way we treat each other means everything.

so just because I love you

doesn't mean we don't treat each other like we are a person.





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My community
Our world
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