You are one

the days come and go like an ocean’s waves

and I can’t stop them from fading to gray

it’s all the same

nothing changes

you think you’ve grown up

but your mold is still rough


you might think you’re for the better

but in the end we’re all the same

life keeps getting harder


as you get older

you grow more tired

tired of all the things you can’t change

tired of all the people you can’t take

tired of all the moments you’re awake


you learn that you are just one

and that all the work that must be done

cannot fall on the shoulders of one


you realize the truth that the world is a dark scary place and that’s where you’re headed

you learn the value of a dollar

you understand responsibility

you are reminded over and over of your futility and yet


a part of you still wants to change the world

that shimmer of hope, the flame blinking in the darkness

whispering your name

reminding you of why you’re here and why you can’t give up


you can’t give up

This poem is about: 
Our world


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