You are my home

You are my breath 

The air in my lungs 

The wind that stirs 

Emotions in me 

Like the leaves that 

Shake on their branches 

The sparkle and 

Shine of dew on the 

Grass at dawn hold 

The memories of 

Misty midnight 

Dreamy sensations 

Tapping on my 

Window that made way 

Muffled into 

My dreams of you as 

I remember 

The rhythm jumping 

Around in my 

Heart and matches time 

With the pattern

Created by my

Alarm screaming 

Reluctantly I

Drag myself into

The unwelcoming dark morning

Where the stars twinkle

In the twilight

And out of the

Bed of warmth that we

Have nestled in

Unwilling to wait

To the end of

The day to come home

Home to my love

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