You Are My Everything

Is it a light at the end of my tunnel
or is it another stair to trip my stride?
half of me feels happy just to talk to you
but the other half remembers how much I've cried

You told me that you missed me more than ever
You told me that you needed me to be your friend 
And I'd like nothing more than to hold your hand
and give you all the forgiveness I can possibly extend

I feel like my life can never move forward
If you are not right by my side
In the past you have rescued my heart
and saved me when I could have died

We have a time and date decided
for us to sit down and talk things out
I've never been more scared in my life
because my mind and soul are filled with doubt

I need you back in my life forever
but I'm not sure I'm ready for all the tears
To me you are worth all the pain and the anguish
because I love you more than any of my fears

Please miss me like I miss you
and tell me you will stay
I can't keep living without you here
I can't survive another day


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