You. Are. Just. A. Man.

Your actions are suppressive.

Your words are condescending.

When you speak, you reprimand.

Your lectures are never ending.


You ask for the truth and I tell you,

but you’re dismissive to the end.

My cries may fall on deaf ears,

but from my position I will not bend.


You compare yourself to someone lower

as though it justifies your actions.

Why is it you try and turn the guilt on me?

Does it give you satisfaction?


Why do you say we’re equal

when you clearly think you’re superior?

I don’t know how long I can be treated this way.

I am not inferior.


You act like you know everything.

Well let me tell you; you’re not God.

And when you talk about wanting better,

I think you are a fraud.


Your nature is controlling.

My submission was always your plan.

But you seem to forget one minor detail;

You. Are. Just. A. Man.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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