You Are, I Am

You are my sunshine. 

The light that entices me to rise, 

The warmth on my face, 

The glow in my heart. 


I am your moonlight. 

The calm that lulls you to sleep,

The guardian of your dreams, 

The warden of your nightmares. 


You are my mirror. 

Where I see flaws, 

You see beauty. 

What I call repulsive, 

You call magnetic. 


I am your calendar. 

Where you lose track, 

I keep count. 

What you call meaningless,

I call achievement. 


You are my diary. 

When rage, devestation, joy abounds,

You listen,

You comfort. 


I am your stethoscope. 

When words fail you,

I percieve, 

I interpret. 


We are motivation. 

We are two of a kind, 

Two souls struggling side by side, 

Helping each other up as we fall,

Searching together for identity. 


You are not your father. 

His hands are not your own;

The hand that harmed you

will never touch me. 

Replace your fear with my confidence. 


I am no machine. 

Perfection is better left to unliving cold; 

My strength is great, 

Yet you're posed to catch me when I crumble. 

I've eased my expectation with your sesitivity. 


Together our masks come off,

Our hearts are thrown open. 

Our demons dance together,

The light of recognition

Gleaming off relieved tears. 


Words mean nothing and everything,

Actions speak volumes, 

And though tactile connection is silent, 

Love sings its soothing melody. 


Bare bodies,

Bare souls, 

Past and future meet 

In the twilight of shared moments. 


Forever we shall remain,

Even if we part, 

In immortal memory. 


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