You are > the Highs and Lows

Blue eyes, blonde hair, five foot two how about you?

Shinning teeth, straight A’s, name brand jeans, it’s all the same

From the outside, we are all the same

No one seems too unique

But in reality, each person’s story’s different

 Mine began just seventeen short years ago

A trip to Disney sets happy times that seem to last awhile

Coming home, starting school, I was a bubbly child

Loved school, could not wait to learn, sports became my passion

I hit 6th grade and suddenly that happiness seemed out of fashion

Troubled times at home, left me with two parents

Not together, but apart I was confused and often saddened

Weekends here, weekends there, it was all a blur

But slowly and surely, I started to mature

8th grade came and I was thrilled,

High school here I come

In those halls, in those four years, is where you start to find

Who you really want to be and how to get there in time

Labels such as geek, nerd, jock, and prep are often over used

I prefer to not be labeled

To be known for being me

Filled with joy and smiling bright

Working hard to be the best despite those times that took me to a low

Those spots made me who I am today and I would not change a thing

For each every bump along the way

Has brought me to this day

Seeing sadness drove me to make a better life

For not just me, but my mom too

And all of those who pushed me through





This poem is about: 
My family


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