You are Close

My friend, to God you are close

You seem so studied

Yet behold what he finds gross

The name of His you’ve muddied 


Your works splash again and again

Upon the crowded beach

Over and over they descend

The sand draws them like a leach


Your kindness ministers to the poor

They at times forget hunger

But there must be something more

To making a lion purr 


Your religion looks so pretty

Like when the light strikes the veil

Yet silhouetted in your city

Is a body dead and pale 


Your sayings sound so tight

Without flaw or error

But an ever present fright

Loveless hearts merit terror 


Your life looks so good

Overflowing with blessing

Yet greed grows as the devil's brood 

If your life has no confessing


Your salvation looks so holy

Deliverance from all sorrow

But powerful as a doily 

Is your strength saving you from tomorrow


Your humility is an example

All around follow suite 

Yet your doses of pride are ample

Stashed away like hidden loot


Your eternity sounds secure

For you talk the talk

But what the angels think obscure

Is that it does not effect your present walk


Your righteousness looks so complete

Piety in all of life

Yet my friend, you son of Crete

We only have what we gain from Christ


You are so close

So it would seem

Yet the far off pagan 

Like you must be redeemed.



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