You are beutiful

I keep standing here asking all these questions in the this world. I get nothing at all not one world! All these damn question and get nothing all I do these day are curse to God for not helping. Or any body nothing and I'm sick of this. 

It's for all of us to do something do godamn something at least we all need to do something. Come with me do something with me please! I am sick of this all of bullying all this crap just for fun? So much people get bullied by there skin and clothes and all these stupid names. When I was little I was bullied because how small I was I would get pushed.... When I fought back I got beat up harder just got laugh at and no one helped me because there were scared!

Thats when I stood up for up for every body I would tell them to back off that did helped but I was the one to get beat up. I remember one day I got home and I had a black eye and my mom asked why had one I said I fell. I may have stand up for people but I was still scared. Then one day we read about Martin Luther King jr. thats when I figured out how scared you are you should do it! Thats when I fought back but not in force but in words and we won the bullies stop they stop because very one stood up for every body we won!

Thats when we all need to stand up to all these bully's show every body that you can do it show that you are strong! You are not weak you are not ugly small or any thing else you are strong. You are better you are better then them. You will show how strong you are to them show that man up there that you are. Just one little task can change every thing. So come on show them go out there and stand up you may get beat up but one day they will get what they deserve! So go out there show God and bully's how strong you are you are not weak not ugly. 

You are beautiful you are perfect those bully's only feel bad for them selves because they are weak. But you are not so go! Go help somebody that you are strong that you are beutiful that you are not ugly and weak!



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