You are Already Awesome

Earth is a planet that is considered one of a kind,

It’s the only place that has nature of every kind.

A place where people are allowed to speak their own mind,

The one place where everyone has a choice to be one of a kind.


Surround yourself with individuals that bring out the best in you.

These are the people that make us forget about any issue.

These are the people that will make you understand time is a value.

These are the people that will make you understand money has no value.


But sometimes we can’t isolate ourselves from all the crimes.

However, at any time our mind can rewind to the good times,

To the times where we had bed times.

To the times now where we stay out past our bed times,

 Living our lives as if will never grow out of our prime.


Interestingly enough we only live once and time is limited.

What’s stopping you from realizing your blessed?

That voice in your head telling you, I’ve been cheated?

That feeling that makes you feels as if you’re not needed?


Forget all the voices and feelings stopping you from enjoying today.

Because you are special in your own way,

So today you should live every day without letting the day fade away,

 like your favorite song on replay,

And remember every day should not be wasted away.

Once you understand today is a gift, you will be happy everyday,

and every day will be YOUR day.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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