You Are


United States
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Unselfish and Bold
Larger than life and more precious than gold
A love that is true; pure; in rare form
From a heart which is calm; affectionate; warm
A love in which all hearts do yearn
Given relentlessly, with nothing returned
A love that stems from a passionate core
The love of man in which many adore

Welcoming arms to broken hearts unfold
Open in the worst of times to behold
Mending the wounds of the hearts that do bleed
Even when your heart, too, is in need
Easing troubled minds; mending wounded souls
You take shattered hearts, and again make them whole
The sheets of life branded with blood, tears, and pain
Through your words are washed clean, leaving not a stain

Knowledge unparalleled; mere intelligence won’t do
Many educated by man, but Experience shaped you
From each trial, you’ve learned; from each failure, enlightened
Your discernment enhanced; your senses heightened
You’re blessed with articulation; a gift of pure gold
A way with words so rare, lay minds can’t behold
The depth of your words remains vastly uncharted
Strong Enough to pull tears from the most cold hearted

You’re a man with few requests and a “no complaints” mentality
Continually finding joy in this hell we call reality
The limits of this page are not sufficient; so it’s tough
When we’re trying to say thank our but words are not enough


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