You are

Those almond shaped eyes, 

That bright smile,

Your incredibly kinky hair,

All erased from my mind


Your cocoa brown skin,

Your chubby cheeks,

Your naturally curly eyelashes,

Completely erased from my memory


Your confidence,

Your wittiness,

your smart mouth,

Totally forgotten


But most importanly,

Your love,

Your ability to forgive me when I'm wrong,

Your ablility to look past my flaws,


All of those speacial things,

Those gifts,

I would have no memory of


Where would I be?

Who would I be if you were never born?

I would be nobody,

I would have no purpose,

no reason to live


You are my reason,

The reason I keep going,

The reason I smile,

The reason I am ME


You are me,

You are my angel,

You are my joy,

You are my sister,

You are somone I could never live without.

This poem is about: 
My family


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