You and She are Her

“You and She are Her”


She’s got her feet on the ground, but hear heads in the sky

Her heart so dope, and her soul is so fly

This poem is for her

This poem is for everyone like her

You know who she is, you know who you are

She’s everywhere, but hard to find

You’re always available, but you never have time

She’s easy to vibe with, but hard to talk to

You’re something different, but nothing new

She’s everything every other girl is not

See with you it’s not about the looks

You create feelings in others

That they themselves can’t understand

She’s Warm like December, and cold like may

You’re beautiful in the worst way

She’s God’s worst, but the Devil’s best

A queen in a sun dress

She rather fly with the fishes

Or swim with the bird

Your energy is rare, but often felt

I know you so much, but we haven’t met

Someone somewhere once said

“There are those that will leave a mark on this world

And then there are those that will leave a stain”

Well she’s making a mess, on her quest for success

Go girl go, do whatever you have to do

But more importantly girl






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