You And Me Vs. The World. No.82

You And Me Vs. The World. No.82

In the summer of ‘09 you and me made a vow, “You and me vs the world”. We were young but knew we would only have each other after that late night of yelling, we own that night. Better days are coming, get off the ground. Here in my heart is the only place you know you’ll always have a place to stay with the secrets you carry. Late nights talking about your adventures cutting into our arms pouring poison into the wound. Our medication became the game and playlist you made, pizza and a dream to leave our town. When we were young, the future was so bright, our neighborhood became cracked and torn but we never broke. Now we see the lies. Shattered dreams, with only each other to carry the family burden. Now we play guitar and smoke a lot of pot, it’s hard to see where we will be. However, tonight we celebrate the small things that make us happy the nights without a single ghost in the walls.  Chance is you’ll still be with me. The tattoos on your skin are more than just ink, the windows into your dreams and thoughts of love. Now we disappear, darker into the night we’ve both had those thoughts the ones that come with devil horns and the ones that come with weeping hearts. Not sure when you’re coming home the thought of running away has me thinking of you. There’s no witness to what we’ve been through, but it’s always you and me vs the world.


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My family
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