You and Me

You feel like you've found your light

You feel like the darkness surrounding you is dimming down

You finally have a vision in sight,

You suddenly feel like you are not going to drown.


You turns Me into We

We start having fun

We both have a dream

We think we'll never be done


We start having fights

We try to make it up

We are making sure the end is out of sight

We keep it going without a breakup


We start doing real good

Until one day the spark starts fading away

We do everything that we could

In the end we decide to go our seperate way


We decide to stay as friends

Give each other space

Indeed that is what we said

Even though we have, it feels like a punch to the face.


Hopefully with time, we'll cross paths once again

For the meantime, let's go and make our future shine bright

Friends for sure, we'll stay that way until the end/ 

Hopefully all the decisions we make are always going to be right.

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Breanna Harlow

this is really good I wish I could write like that


Thank you, I appreciate it! I didn't think that somebody would like it

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