You and me


Off to college or work; home to cook or clean,

Life gets overwhelming and I often daydream,

About a life without worries, a life without a care,

But then I see your tiny face fixed on mine with a stare,

Housework can wait, work and college isn't right now,

Let me answer one hundred times the questions why and how,

Let us grab a book or five to read,

Let us learn numbers or the alphabet from a-z,

Let us paint on paper, ourselves, or the walls,

Mommy isn't worried about that phone call,

Let us play dress up, or doctor, or vet,

Because you are the most wonderful person I've met,

Essays, pot roast, sweeping, and bath time,

All of it falls away when we sing your favorite rhyme,

Replaced by crayons, teacups, and adventures at sea,

Mommy is happiest when it is you and me.


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