You and Mary Jane

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 17:42 -- Bmode_H

You and Mary Jane

Have a special kind of bond

Every little grain

Makes you even more fond

You love me, but you love her more

She's the one that you adore

Every hit you inhale

Your soul you'd sell

Just to stay with her

You'd kick everything to the curb

Yet I envy the life you lead

You love her allure

Can't see where you bleed

Don't know where it hurts

She may not be real, but she keeps you alive

Cause the reality you face cuts like knives

The only voice you really hear is MJ's calling

You're so far gone, you can't see you're falling

I'm better than Mary Jane, I can be there whenever

I could love you in ways that she could never

I know you love her, but please choose me

I promise to be what you need me to be

Distract you from worries

Relieve your pain

The hurt you burry

I'd be your crutch and your cane

I know I'm asking a lot

It may even sound insane

The hope that I've got

You'd pick me over Mary Jane


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