You and I Are the Lucky Ones


You and I Are the Lucky Ones

When It’s all said and done

You and I are the lucky ones.

My heart goes out to the those in the struggle.

Past first world #thestruggleisreal

To third world #what’sahashtag

Where the struggle is too real

And death is an easier heal.

To make it through a day

Is an accomplishment all in itself

Scrap up scraps of what’s left of scraps

And call it a meal, actually call it life.

It’s what they live for in a pit of grunge and strife.

We send condolences we send our prayers

But actions save lives and unconditional love breaks barriers.

Stewards of Jesus gain your strength through him  

Lead your kin through selfless acts to do selfless acts

Pay it forward and put down your battle axe.

There’s no need for war here, love can conquer all.

If God is love and Jesus is God made man

Then Jesus is Love and love has conquered the grave.

Love can conquer all and Death knew no bounds until love bounded Death.

Save your life, save a life, make a change, make it right.




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