You and I

Lovely cares, lovely hair, lovely charm.

Empty hole, withered soul, Permeant harm.

Crazy dreams, Smiles beam, breathless to hold.

Lazy days, depressive waves, pain untold.

I love you, how are you, how was your day?

What’s wrong with me, I hate me, today was more of the same.


Cute quirks, adorable smirks, astonishingly stunning.

Unshaved face, haven’t bathed for days, growingly bumming.

Let’s plan a trip, see a movie, have a date.

No money, no time, only holidays trips rate.

You and I are so alike, I miss you, what’s on your mind?

No one likes me, I miss her, I feel like I’ve been robbed blind.


Wishes of happiness, bouts of laughs between us, the rest of our lives.

Tackles of sadness, endless madness, watching everyone and their wives.

Long endless hugs, priceless moments laying on rugs, nothing else matters.

No end to these long days, can’t change in my ways, memory batters.

You are so lucky, at least you have a life, I am getting married.

I have lost it all, I just want to finally fall, into where I will be buried.


This poem is about: 
My family


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