"You and I"

Dear Perspective distorter;


When the world began spinning, 

you used to help me remain breathing.

Now years have passed by, 

and all you do is make me want to die.

Your once sweet words,

have now hurt my inner world.


I cannot seem to think straight. 

Yet the realization of manipulation came too late.

You've now assisted in tormenting myself.

Encouraged my body dysmorphia, 

and applauded my period of anorexia.


My tranquility had faced a vicious reckoning. 

Anxiety now reigns,

my sanity disintegrating.


Your companionship has been my demise.

How much I wish I could go back in time. 


Rewind the day we began talking.

Rewind the moment that sparked "You and I"




"You and I" used to be a safe haven

"You and I" used to sprout strength.

It used to have meaning.


As of now it brings misery.

Triggers memories of instability.


Memories of regret.


The trace of "You and I" 

is one I can't wait to forget.

Words cannot express my happiness that

"Our Forever"

has met its end.


New Found Rationality

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