you and i

you and i should

go everywhere we can

all i want is

picking flowers with you

picking fights with them


you and i should

stay up too late

stare at the sky

count every star once

and count them again


you and i should

talk about everything until

we forget words have

meanings and we only

hear each other’s voices


you and i should

sleep away an afternoon

pretend the world is

not there and only

worry about us two


you and i should

say “i love you”

a little too much

because i never want

to stop hearing it


you and i should

bother each other’s jackets

so even when we’re

not together (gods forbid)

it’s easy to pretend


you and i should

fight off the assholes

that insist that being

the people we are

is somehow a crime


you and i should

hold each other’s hands

because i realized that

it’s not being possessive

it’s just keeping contact


This poem is about: 
My family


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