You and 'I'

What would I change?

Some things bigger than the Earth, some things as small as a Moment,

Some things you may never have Thought of.

The smallest Moments can change the most.


What would I change?

What could be so small, so insignificant,

Where can I find something that will never be noticed?

This would be the most perfect of all.


What would I change?

Perhaps a flicker of a Moment, a dream that is lost as it is discovered,

Profund visions of natural essence rather than definitive Thoughts.

The phrasing of such a minute Moment is hard to grasp.


What would I change?

The split-second reaction when a man meets a woman, when a woman meets man,

Then the instant judgment of a concious mind meeting another.

This would change so much with so little.


What would I change?

A soul which does not feel, or a feeling that consumes a soul,

A worldwide Thought in which the oneness of life is all-consuming but for a Moment.

The brief Moment in which the two souls fused.


What would I change?

Not the beginning, nor the end,

Nothing but the small points in between.

This would allow the change to come naturally.


What would I change?

Perhaps allow the two souls to converge, to understand the others quirks and perfections,

Where hatred becomes a forgotten Thought and love lasts for more than a Moment.

But alas, this Moment of change cannot be done.


What could I change?

What power would be vested in me, not of the upper echelon of deities,

Who am I but another sorry atom in the body of the universe?

This is the question that haunts the best of our kind.


What would I change?

This is not, and should not,

For what is change with the Thought of a word so Momentarily insignificant as 'I'?

Say 'I', the change, the Moment, is not but You.


What would You change?

For who am 'I' in the context of the universe, but a Momentarily different You,

Melded and shaped by the experiences 'I' have had.

How am 'I' to tell You how to Think?


What would You change?

This is the question that should be asked, must always have been asked,

As You are the answer to the oldest question since humans could contemplate.

What could You change?




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