Tue, 02/06/2018 - 09:42 -- Rhunn

You came into my life unexpected
You brought me truth resurrected
A broken fool, I was
A falling stone; lost cause
You gave me hope
You showed me love
You never took no, wouldn't let go
You never gave up

Uncovering dust
You saw me for who I was
You learned my heart
You learned my pain
You know the truth, all the places I've been
You've seen my worst
You've seen my best
My broken heart; no sleep, again

Me on the run
Running from me
I've never found love where it was supposed to be
You parachuted in
like superman
Saw a different story
Than the one I had
And saved me from my hell
You saved me from myself

You took the weeds
And planted seeds for me to grow
You climbed the mountain
All these years, I've climbed alone
And you're the one I hope
I'll never lose

Cause you see my dreams
You see my truth
My light, my hope to be again

My solid ground
My one true friend
This devil in me
Will not win
With you around
To hold my hand

You forged a bond
And built a trust, I can't explain
You unveiled the hurt, I was afraid to bleed
My heart is healing, my lungs are free.
I found the house where I can breathe.
I found you, no, you found me

These stone walls cost me everything
Until you came along
And knocked them down, undoubtedly, you cleared the wreck
No one dared to see
The one that was doused in gasoline
And as the fire burned,
And the world turned it's cheek
You were the angel who loved me through the storm
Through my war
You loved me for me


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