Because I Love you

You have taught me to love myself

You have taught me to believe in myself

You have taught me to finally realize what love really is


I was hurt, broken, uncompleted

Like a puzzle having missing pieces

Pieces that were needed to complete


I was in the state of confusion

I didn’t know what to believe

The tears gliding down my fuzzy cheeks


I was lost, I was pondering, I was wondering

Is this true? Is this reality? Or is this all a dream?


Because I love you

I gave you a second chance

A new beginning, a new chapter, new experiences


Because I love you

We share those annoying laughs with each other

We share those moments when we lay by each other

We share those talks and dreams that we receive


You completely changed me in many different ways

You made me discover who I really am

You made me feel loved and welcomed

You made me realized that you are the only thing that matters


These are the reasons why I love You 

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